Daddy can help. Honest!

Picture this, I’m sitting on the couch beside my husband, clutching our sleeping baby, bouncing in my seat because I have to pee sooo bad! I would love to just go into the other room and use the toilet, but, the baby knows when she is laid down and will wake up the moment her back hits the bassinet.

Guess what? I’m not the only capable adult in the room! Why am I doing this to myself?!?

I do this almost daily, and my baby is two months old now. She’s also our second child. So it’s not like my husband is a nervous wreck when handed his daughter. He loves it.

A daddy and baby snuggled in blankets
This is not my baby or husband, but this happens on the couch most mornings so I have time to put myself together for the day before our older daughter wakes up.

So why is it so difficult for me to ask for a moment of help from the man who also wanted a second child?

Beats me.

For some unknown to me reason I have a war with myself about handing my infant to a loving, competent father for even the mere 3 minutes it would take to relieve myself and wash my hands.

My husband is aware of my weirdness. I get lovingly scolded weekly for trying to do too much by myself, for delaying the bathroom, for not opening my mouth and voicing a need. He loves me. He has said it and proved it so many times. I don’t doubt it in the least. Why is it still difficult to ask him for help with our baby?


I would say “No more!”, but yeah, right. I am working on it. Especially as she is getting a little more opinionated and occasionally starting to lean right over to her daddy while cooing for his attention. It’s too cute.

I don’t know. I just don’t know. But it has to stop.

So operation Just Hand The Baby To Her Daddy And Go Pee Already has begun.

Wish me luck.

    ?    ?    ?    ?

Tell me I’m not alone in this. Have you ever had to argue with a hesitancy to hand the baby to someone so you could do something else just as important? You know, stuff like going to pee and brush your teeth and hair, or take 10 minutes to clean the kitchen? Tell me I’m not the only one!

2 thoughts on “Daddy can help. Honest!

  1. annacsfitch says:

    I didn’t have the luxury of being hesitant to hand my baby over when another adult was in the house when I had my first baby: C-section recovery meant that I had difficulty standing up from laying down, so my ever-loving took the nurse’s instructions as permanent orders for home and dealt with every baby need he’d learned how to take care of while I was still in the hospital any time he was home from work. Our second baby preferred me over Daddy, so I had to be more hands-on, but Daddy still insisted on changing every poopy diaper first thing each morning and all day every weekend because he’s so sweet to me.

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