Forgetting to See the Happy

I did it again yesterday. I forgot to see the happy.  So I only saw the monotony, the annoying, and the inconvenient.

I only heard the fact that my almost 4 year old was asking why, again.  I didn’t embrace the fact that this is how children learn at this stage.

I only saw the house vibrate with every jump.  I didn’t appreciate the fact that my little girl has boundless energy and an ability to turn anything into a game for herself.

I only heard how loud she was being around the baby.  I didn’t celebrate that my girl is head over heels in love with her new baby sister.

So when bedtime rolled around of course I was frustrated and irritable. I had unintentionally concentrated on the negative all day. Today, I am going to intentionally look for the positive, the funny, and the good.

  Today I am going to see the happy.


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